Tuesday, February 17, 2009


A quick update, The job ended in Grand Junction and we moved back to Cortez on January 11th. Morgan is welding in the fab shop in Cortez for the same company (Jacobs) he was working for in Grand Junction. It is a different type of welding so he had to take another test to get this job, but he passed with flying colors,Yay!!!! It is nice to be back home close to family. We are hoping the work in the fab shop will keep us busy for a while so we can kinda settle down. We're wanting to start building our house this spring. Wyatt and Lancer are doing good. They are such a riot. The other day I was changing Lancer's diaper and Wyatt walks right over and pinches Lancer on the butt. And yesterday I was watching Wyatt bob for his binky. He would throw it on the floor and then bend down or get on his belly and pick it up with his mouth. Where do they learn these things?? Here are some pictures from the last month or so.

We went out to our friend Suzanne's house on Monday and had a snow day. It was lots of fun. We played in the snow, had PB&J's, and decorated cookies. It's fun to play with other kids.

It was a nice day and we decided to take advantage of it. Morgan was pulling the boys around on their four wheeler. They thought it was the coolest thing. Notice Morgan's welding rig in the background, he made sure it was in the shots. He's so proud of Maria-that's his truck!

Here are some pictures of my goofy boys. They like to get into trouble with each other. Notice how Lancer is turning the TV on and off while Wyatt is keeping watch. Too much fun!