Monday, July 20, 2009

Fun in the Sun

Last week we went to Lowry Ruins on a field trip with some friends. It's kinda stressful to take the boys somewhere when I don't have a lot of help but it is good for them to get out and be around other people. Luckily Merlene Lanier helped with Wyatt after he started throwing a fit. After that we had a picnic and ran threw the sprinklers although Wyatt and Lancer spent the majority of the time in Duane Laniers Kubota! I'm telling ya, those boys LOVE steering wheels.

Morgan was rolling a sideroll back so I took the boys outside to watch and they had quite the time playing in the bean plants.

For the 4th of July we went up in the mountains and had a picnic with Morgan's family. Tammy and Tommy brought horses and Wyatt and Lancer had there first horse ride. Wyatt wasn't too sure at first but Lancer loved it! We got eaten up by mosquitos.

So the other day I was reading on the couch and Wyatt and Lancer walk out of their room holding hands. It was so stinkin cute and I kept following them around trying to get a good picture of it. Some times they are so nice to each other and get along and other days they are so awnery and bite the heck out of each other. Typical boys I suppose.

Catch Up

Well things have slowed down again. The family reunion was a lot of fun. All my siblings were able to come(except Josh).We went to Purgatory and stayed in a condo for 3 days. While we were there we went to Durango and went to the Bar D Chuckwagon, which is a western show and dinner. There was a little train that the boys rode on and they had a ball. Aunt Deanne and Uncle Adam took them on it.

Family photo while we were at the Bar D

We also went to Silverton and watched the train come in. The boys screamed!!! Then we headed to Ouray and sat in the hot springs. Wyatt and Lancer LOVED it. Morgan had fun too going down the water slides. I even went down once! We also went to the mall in Durango and played Put put golf in Purgatory. The golfing was kinda a lost cause because Wyatt and Lancer kept picking up the golf balls and wouldn't let us use the clubs.

My little golfer

At the mall, these kids love steering wheels!!!!

Then the day after we got home, I headed to Girls camp for 4 days. It was at Chris park north of Durango. It was actually only like 15 minutes from where we just had the family reunion! It was a good time. Alesa Reed and I were the camp leaders over all the 12 year olds in the stake. There were 19 girls. Alesa brought her dads camper so we stayed warm and cozy. There was a little drama but I guess thats to be expected with a bunch of hormonal 12 year olds. It is a lot more fun to be a leader at girls camp!!! I forgot to take the camera so no pictures.