Friday, January 22, 2010

Snow, Snow and More Snow

So it has been snowing like crazy here since Wednesday. Just keeps piling up but will be great when farming season comes around. We took the boys outside to play today, we all needed to get some fresh air!!!!!

The boys in their snow suits

This is outside our kitchen window-this drift is massive! The snow is up to their knees too.

Another picture of our winter wonderland

Brotherly Love

Sooo much fun!!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010


I'm such a terrible mother and forgot to take pictures at Grandma and Grandad Oliver's house. We had a lot of fun but don't have any pictures to document Christmas with them. The boys got trikes from Santa and they love them. Wyatt walked into the living room and said "Santa Bike" It was so cute. Now we just need the snow to melt so they can ride them outside instead of down the hallway.

We had the Hallows Family Christmas party in Loa and of course it was a good time as usual!!! Wyatt and Lancer hit the pinata by themselves this year and they had a ball. Every time someone would hit the pinata, Lancer would clench his legs and start laughing. They even ran to pick up the candy when it broke!

Lancer, Mason, and Wyatt

I have been watching Dillon and Heather's baby (Kelby) 3 days a week. Wyatt and Lancer love to play with him. They are so good and always want to hold him. They use to call every baby they saw Mason, but now they can say Kelby. Such good baby sitters.