Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I am finally getting pics of Christmas on here. Christmas Eve we went over to Grandma and Grandad Oliver's and had a great time with that side of the family. Then Christmas Morning was at Grandma and Grandpa Christensen's. Next year I am going to remember my camera at Grandma Oliver's so I can actually get some pictures!!!
Here is Wyatt and Lancer in their matching jammies from Grandma Christensen

This is all 4 of my mom's grandsons: Lancer, Wyatt, Stetson, Mason

As many of you know, my dad is very talented and he made the grand kids a barn and fences and then they got a bunch of farm animals and equipment! Sooo fun!!!

It was a great Christmas.

After Christmas we got hit by a snow storm and it snowed constantly for 3 days. The boys had some fun in it, until their hands got cold.
Wyatt walked outside and the first thing he did was lay in the snow. Which is total opposite of last year when he would cry as soon as we walked outside!

Lancer attempting to make a snowman and Wyatt supervising.

My Lancer Man in his snow suit.

I love this picture of Wyatt. He was crying cause his hands were cold and I told him as soon as I took a picture he could go in so he pulled out this grin!

We had the annual Hallows family Christmas Party on New Years Day this year and it was fun as always. We played minute to win it games (like on tv) and it was so entertaining.
Here are Lancer and Wyatt putting M&M's in the right color of cup. Wyatt did great and got almost all of them right. Lancer ate more than he put in the cups!!

Then there was the pinata!

Wyatt thought the "robot" was his and kept sneaking over during the party and hitting it with a ping pong paddle!

The boys also wanted to join in the jump roping, so Lisa was nice enough to help me out.

The boys sure looked sharp in their new clothes.

I took this picture out the back door one evening. The picture doesn't do it justice. A beautiful Colorado sunset.... in January!