Friday, August 12, 2011

Hallows Family Campout 2011

August 4-7 was the annual Hallows Family Campout up to Sheep Valley (up by Fish Lake in Utah). It was fun as usual and it actually didn't rain-which is very unusual!! It seemed to fly by especially fast this year but it was so fun to see all the cousins and family. Wyatt and Lancer had a great time. It was interesting to see how they interacted with all the people there. Lancer was the shy one and played by himself most of the time while Wyatt was the outgoing one and always had to be in the middle of a crowd, heck I didn't know where he was half the time cause he would just go off with the older cousins. Maybe Lancer just has a great imagination and can entertain himself while Wyatt needs to be entertained! I didn't take a ton of pictures but here are a few photos from the fun weekend.

Wyatt holding up the shirts we got this year

Lancer and Wyatt in their campout shirts

All 5 of my mom's grandkids. Yep even 2 week old Easton made it to the campout! My sister is a hard core camper!

Lancer and James building a "door" for the little play cabin out of dirt

So we like to have different types of competitions at the campout and this year we did tug-a-war. We split up into families and competed against each other. The Christensen Clan dominated!!!!! (Susan if your reading this-tell Brent he still owes us that $100, ha ha just kidding)

Another picture of us kicking some butt!!

The kids turn-girls against boys-Hmm I can't tell if Wyatt and Lancer were helping or not!

Tug-a-war kept all those kids entertained for a long time!

Lining up for the races. This is the 2-3 year old group.

And their off....They were so excited for the races and have been practicing up and down the field while we change water for weeks! but when it came down to it, Wyatt and Lancer were too busy pushing each other, making sure the other didn't win instead of just running!!! We'll have to work on that before next year.
Thanks everyine for all the fun, food, and entertainment!!!