Tuesday, October 19, 2010


In the month of October, we....
Took Wyatt and Lancer's 3 years pictures. These boys do NOT cooperate to take pictures so I thought I would just try to take them myself this year and they didn't do too bad!


I love this picture!!!


I think this is the one I'll put on the wall.

I was putting a plastic frog on my head to get them to laugh!

Another picture of my 3 year old boys!!

We also went to Tammy and Tommy's wedding on Oct 10, 2010

My little family! Morgan hates pictures.....

Wyatt and Lancer were the ring bearers

They were so cute. They held hands the whole time.

I'm so proud of my boys! They did so good. Congratulations Tammy and Tommy!!!

We also carved pumpkins...

Wyatt's is suppose to be a dog but looks like a monkey and Lancer's is a lion

We also got an addition to the family....

DIPPER our blue heeler puppy

The boys have a lot of fun with him

The 3 Amigos