Monday, May 30, 2011

Washington Trip

The second week in May we went up to Washington to pick my brother Josh up from his mission. It was a fun filled week and I've got lots of pictures to prove it!! My parents, Julie, Todd, Mason, Duane, and me and the boys were all able to go. The boys got to fly on a plane for the first time and they did great-well as great as two 3 year olds are expected to act on a 2 hour plane ride! We flew in to Seattle on the 9th and then went to the house we rented in Silverdale. On Tuesday morning my parents, Duane, and I went over to the Seattle Temple (thanks Todd and Julie for watching the kiddos) and then Josh was released to us after the session. That was a pretty cool experience.

The boys were waiting for us when we got back to the house. Here are Wyatt, Mason, and Lancer holding "Welcome Home Josh" signs. Josh couldn't believe how big these boys were.

This is outside the Silverdale House. The boys called it the Jungle house because the house was surrounded by trees and there was moss everywhere. Washington was so beautiful and green

We went down to the docks and walked around and looked at the boats. Here is Josh and Duane with the boys. They were so much help with the boys while we were there!

The crew!

The boys found a star fish. It was huge.

Josh and Lancer by a Naval Ship

Tuesday we also went to this little beach and Josh showed us these tiny crabs that were everywhere. I think Duane and Josh had more fun picking the rocks up and scattering the crabs then Wyatt and Lancer did.

Wyatt had a crab on the end of his stick. By the way he is totally posing for this picture.

On Wednesday we hung around the house while Josh and my parents went and visited people Josh had taught. Then Wednesday night we went and had a barbecue at a families home that Josh really got along with.

We also went to this Naval Museum and got to see some cool stuff. Here are the boys dressed up as sailors.

Wyatt and Lancer crawling into a "submarine"

The boys driving a "submarine"

Thursday we went to the Port Defiance Zoo. It had some different animals than the zoo's we have been to before, so it was pretty cool.

I think our favorite animals were the sharks. There were about 13 sharks in this tank and they swam around you. They were huge and it made me a little nervous.

More sharks

Here is the above ground view of the Walrus

Below view of Walrus. I had a better picture but I accidentally erased it! These Walrus would swim straight at you and then at the last minute turn around as they pressed up against the glass. Lancer and Mason were freaking out the first time they did it.

Friday we headed to Port Angeles. On our way, we stopped by the Olympia Game Farm. Now this was a lot of fun. It was a drive through zoo where you could feed the animals out of your vehicle. The boys sure enjoyed it.

Llamas. They were not afraid to stick their head right in the window.

Zebra up close and personal. Wyatt was so excited. You know how he loves his Zebras! I wouldn't let the boys feed it though-he bites!!

This bear was so cool. I got it to do a trick to get a cookie. It was wierd to be so close to a bear, but super glad there was a fence between us.

This bear was pacing and looked kinda mean. When it started to walk towards us Wyatt freaked out and was trying to hide. Can you see him ducking down?

We had heard that the buffalo would ram your vehicle and Lancer decided to tease the huge animal by hanging the bread out the window and then pulling his hand in whenever it got close. Well it started to chase after us so I hurry and threw it out the window but not before the buffalo licked the window! Seriously buffalo are huge! They also got to feed elk and weird looking deer and some other animals I can't remeber their names. The predators, like the lions, tigers, wolves, cougars, etc were behind bigger fences but it was still cool to see them.

Another thing we did Friday was go on this hike called Dungeoness Spit. It was this strip of island that went out into the ocean. It was very cool. Lancer stayed back with Grandma so here is Wyatt and me on our hike. It was beautiful

Another pic of Wyatt and me. That is Canada in the background

Friday evening we went Shellfishing. Here's the whole gang.

The boys were so proud of the clams they dug up!

I even got in on the action

Lancer thought he was one of the big boys.
We were going to cook them but ended up just throwing them back in.

Saturday we headed on over to Canada

On the ferry over to Canada. Glad I took my dramamine!
We walked around and did touristy things. We went to the museum of natural history and ate at an authentic Fish and Chips restaurant and bought some maple candy.

I can't believe that guy just sat there and let Lancer stick his fingers up his nose!! haha

Me and the boys in Canada

On Sunday afternoon we drove to Forks. It was a beautiful drive over there.

The Twilight fans by the Forks sign.

Monday we drove back to Seattle and went to the open market and walked around and then flew back to Salt Lake that afternoon. It was a super fun trip. We got to see a lot of beautiful country and cool stuff. Thanks mom and dad for the trip and thanks Josh for serving a mission there so we could go and pick you up!!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011


So I don't have any new pictures but I thought I'd put some of the past pictures that just make me smile!!!

The boys at the ag expo sittin on an oliver tractor

Oh Wyatt!

Look how little my boys are! They would just randomly go sit on that step.

Wyatt sittin in the lego bucket and Lancer helping

Seriously, if this doesn't make you smile....

Haha Poor Mason

At least they took a nap!

My Lancer Man

Haha- like father like son

A cooler??? These boys are silly

Wyatt and his tupperware

My little tired cowboy


My funny boys definately keep me smiling!!!!