Thursday, March 17, 2011

Long Overdue Update

Well I am finally updating my blog. It has been a busy couple months! I am now working for Dixie Leavitt Insurance Agency.I took a property/casualty course online and passed the insurance state licensing exam !!! Yay I'm now officially licensed to sell insurance in Colorado and Utah (so far)! So that has been keeping me busy. I'm very excited for this new challenge! Here are just some random pictures from the past while.

Cousins! Wyatt, Mason, and Lancer hanging out when Julie came to visit. In just a little while Mason will have a little brother to add to the party: ) My mom says she'll have her own basketball team when all the grand kids are together!

Me and my Lancer bear hanging out at grandma's house.

I walked into the living room and Lancer had dressed up. I think he gets that from me, I use to play dress up all the time when I was little. He's such a little business man with his hat and tie and newspaper!

Wyatt found him a comfortable place to watch tv! The laundry basket filled with pillows. He did this all on his own! I couldn't stop laughing when I saw this.

Lancer wanted to get in the picture too!

So this was the first day it had been dry enough and somewhat warm enough to play outside. The boys had fun digging in the dirt and Kelby had fun playing in the mud! He was covered from head to toe by the time we were done.

I was having some cabin fever, so I decided to take the boys down to the river and have a picnic. They had fun throwing rocks and watching the geese and of course digging in the dirt. I'm sure we'll spend a lot of time there this summer trying to keep these boys entertained!