Saturday, November 7, 2009


Here's a catchup of what's been happening this fall

Morgan plowing the field with Wyatt & Lancer.

Wyatt in his costume! Ninja Turtle. My mom made these and they turned out super cute

Lancer in his costume

Mason, Lancer, and Wyatt-Cute Boys

My sister and I made these panda cupcakes and Lancer was sure eying them!

Pretty dang cute huh!!!

Lancer and Wyatt were playing outside at my mom's house and every time I went to check on them, they were doing something silly. Like sitting in the cooler

Just sitting randomly on the grass

Washing Grandma's car with wet wipes. Silly Silly Boys. Lancer is obsessed with wet wipes and loves to wash things with them. My good little cleaner.

Morgan got his deer on the last day of the hunt. A nice 4x4.

Lancer and his daddy and the deer. Wyatt was terrified and was permanently attached around my neck.