Monday, November 15, 2010

Deer Hunt and Duane's Farewell

Here are some photos from the busy weekend. I am terrible at taking pictures so I had my camera with me all the time and I got some pretty funny pictures!!!

Julie and I made these moose cupcakes. I think they turned out pretty dang cute!

Wyatt sure liked them

Mmmm Lancer liked them too!

This kid cracks me up

Hahaha-This is totally going to be the picture I put in Wyatt's High School year book his senior year!!! What a DoRk!

Here is Lancer and his nerf shotgun-he wanted to go hunting too!

Uncle Todd got a deer Saturday night. Here are the boys checking it out! Mason just hopped right on, as you can tell he was not afraid at all. Lancer kept saying "It's not getting up, it's sleeping!"

Morgan got his deer the last morning of the hunt. He didn't want any pictures of him so here are Lancer and Mason with their dad's deer. I bet these 2 will be hunting together before I know it!!

Duane's mission farewell was Sunday. Here is Duane with his sisters. Duane and I are only 18 months apart. I'm going to miss him and I know he's where he should be, but my heart aches just a little cause I won't get to see him. He'll do great though!

Me and the boys before church!

My best friend Julie-thanks for watching the boys Julie while I was cooking!

Hmmm.....maybe not the best time to be playing with a tape measure Wyatt!

It was a really fun weekend and it was great to see everyone!!

Saturday, November 13, 2010


So November is a busy month for us! Duane's mission farewell is this weekend and my family came down. It' s been fun seeing all the relatives! It's crazy to think that he is leaving on Tuesday and I won't see him for 2 years! My boys are sure going to miss him. I also went and cooked for Cory's hunting camp for almost a week this past week. It was a good time. Those Alabama boys were a lot of fun .Cory says I can cook next year so I will be looking forward to that. Wyatt and Lancer's birthday is on the 23 and Morgan's is on the 30th! So super busy. I thought it would be fun to see how the boys have grown these past 3 years!

Here are Wyatt and Lancer in my BIG belly about a month before they were born. I even got bigger than this but it was not a pretty picture!

Lancer and Wyatt about a month old

Wyatt and Lancer at 1 year old

Wyatt and Lancer 2 years old

Wyatt and Lancer 3 years old
These boys are sure fun even though sometimes I want to pull my hair out. I guess I'll keep them!