Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Daddy helping the boys swing at the pinata

Daddy taking the boys sleding

My boys at their new picnic table & playing with their Oliver Tractors (the only time they will ever play with them)

Christmas was a lot of fun this year. The boys actually tore some of the wrapping paper. We spent Christmas eve with Morgan's family and Christmas day with mine. Wyatt and Lancer got a lot of fun things, and so did Morgan and me!!! It was a white Christmas. The boys got to try out their new snow suits and sled. Wyatt was happy as long as somebody was pulling him around. Lancer just wasn't having any of it. Maybe when it snows again he won't be so scared. They did look awful cute in their snow suits though. We went to the Hallow's family Christmas party on Saturday. It is always a good time. Wyatt and Lancer both swung at the pinata this year. We'll have to practice swinging a bat so next year they can break it!!! Well 2008 was a good year and hopefully this next year will be even better.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

On the Road Again

Well we are in Grand Junction now. Morgan took a welding test for Jacob's in Cortez last Thursday and passed (yay) and they told him he had to be in GJ by Friday at 7. So here we are. It happens so quick, I'm getting good at packing on short notice. I like it so far. There is lots of shopping. We bought a laptop for Christmas. I love it. Cami and Justin are here until January, so at least I have 1 friend for now. I feel bad for Morgan he has to drive almost 3 hours to and from work each day. The job is actually above Parachute, Co but the West Junction rv park was the closest one I could find that had any open spots. They say this is only suppose to be a 2 month job, but who knows. It's been snowing almost everyday since we got here so they don't get much done. But i guess we'll see.