Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Update Finally

I was informed by my mom and sister that I needed to update my blog, so here it is! I am terrible at taking pictures so most of these pics are courtesy of my mom. We went on our family trip this year to Moab. It was fun, we stayed at a condo and went to Arches National Park and went geocaching , hiking, swimming and had lots of good food.



The siblings and spouses

Duane with the boys, they are really going to miss him when he leaves on his mission to Taiwan in November!!!

My little family



Grandpa helping Lancer hike

The Hallows Family Campout was In August and it was fun as always. It did rain most of the time though!!!!!!

My mom had a craft of making stick horses, there was even a rodeo with all the stick horses. The boys loved it

Mason, Lancer, and Wyatt in their dump trucks. They sure kept the boys entertained

Lancer being a dork

The cousins: Stetson, Mason, Wyatt, Lancer

On the hike, Poor Julie had all 3 kids hanging on her! The boys don't want anything to do with me if someone else is around!

My cute kidos
The annual Mary Kay Seminar in Dallas, TX was also in August. It was quite a trip and I learned a lot and it was very motivating. Some of the things that happened while there: The floor in our hotel caught fire (someone was smoking and threw cigarette in silk plant) then on the way home, our flight from Dallas to Denver was suppose to be about 1 1/2 hours but bad weather turned it into a 5 hour flight. So just imagine a bumpy plane just circling waiting for the weather to clear and me, who has a weak stomach-okay I bet you get the picture! Then when we finally were able to land after taking a quick pit stop in Kansas to refuel, we had missed our flight and had to spend the night in the airport. But I made it home, so I can't complain! Here are a few photos from Seminar!

Kathy, Jessica, Kristen and Me

A closer picture of the 4 of us. Our first day there

Me and the Pink Cady

My roomies Kristen and Jessica

My Awards Ceremony Dress. Katelyn was nice enough to let me borrow this gorgeous dress that I got tons of compliments on! Thanks Katelyn!!! Picture didn't turn out that great because I took it with my phone but you get the picture. I also tried to post the picture of everyone in my unit that was there but couldn't get it to work!
Let's see......Girls Camp also happened since I was on here last. it was just a BeeHive Camp.That was a lot of fun! Jana and I were the camp moms for about 1/2 the girls- 10 girls. There wasn't nearly as much drama as last year-which was nice! And of course I didn't take any pics!!! But we canoed, hiked, did certifications, played games, skits, lots of other fun things. It is so much fun being the leader!!! The theme this year was B.U.G.S Building up gospel standards. The devotional each morning was focused on a different type of bug and we got fun sweatshirts. It was a good time! Although the last night when all the girls get to stay out late, there was a bear sighting not too far from us so everyone got an early night sleep : )
Well I'm sure I'm missing some things but hopefully it won't take me another 4 months to update my blog!