Tuesday, October 9, 2012

5 year pictures

While we were at my sister's house we decided to have Julie take the boy's 5 year pictures. I thought they turned out pretty good. I have such handsome boys!!
Here are the pictures of Wyatt

Here are the pictures of Lancer


Handsome Boys!!

Me and my boys!!

What a goof-ball

This one makes me laugh so hard!!

North Dakota

This last week we flew and visited my parents in Cando.We spent a whole week there. My Sister and I and the kids went. The kids have been missing them so much and had been counting down the days till we were going to see them.
Here we are getting ready to get on the plane.
We flew into Fargo late that night so we decided to head to the Fargo Zoo before we headed to my parents house.

Easton, Julie and Me

It was more of a domesticated zoo. There weren't very many exotic animals. The boys still loved seeing all the animals

The boys riding the carousel at the zoo.
We then headed to Cando. My parents house is the white one on the left. This is one of many walks that we had. It was nice that they lived right in the middle of town so we could just walk everywhere. The weather was perfect (except the last day when the blizzard hit and delayed our plane for 8 hrs).

Playing at the park near their house

These boys loved the merry-go-round.
On Saturday my Dad took us fishing at Devil's Lake. They had been scouting out fishing spots for weeks for us. The found a spot that was perfect for a picnic and fishing plus had a playground

Grandpa getting the poles ready

What a good fishing hole!!
We also went to a pumpkin patch and let the boys pick out their own pumpkins

They decided that they wanted to paint them instead of carve them.

My parents have a really cool cabin in their back yard. The boys loved playing in it and also got to spend the night with Grandma in it.

It is so hard to get Wyatt to take a normal picture!!

Grandma with her boys!! They sure miss not having them so close anymore!!

Playing in the leaves.

Posing for a picture!!
Thanks for the fun trip Mom and Dad!! We can't wait to see you again!!