Monday, November 24, 2008

Birthday Boys

Wyatt and Lancer are 1 year old!!! How crazy is that? I can remember not too long ago when I was a blimp and about to pop. Now my little boys aren't so little anymore. We had a party for them at their Aunt Tammy's house. It was a combined party with their cousin Kenna. She just had a birthday too. Lots of fun. Morgan and I gave them Tickle Me Elmo chairs that Lancer just loves. When you sit in them, it shakes and laughs. We also got them some CAT construction toys. Grandma and Grandad Oliver gave them these cute miniature red wagons and some clothes. Grandma and Grandpa Christensen gave them some bath toys and they have another present coming next week from them. They also received some clothes and other toys from their aunts and uncles. Lancer got after his cake. He was shoveling it in his mouth. Wyatt was too occupied with the candle (we didn't light it but put it in anyway) They were kinda grouchy because they didn't get a nap, but I guess you live and learn and we'll know better next year.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Future Hunters

I found these cute camo hats at Cabelas and I just couldn't help but buy them. My little Wyatt loves to wear hats and tries to put them on. Lancer's not so fond but he might come around. Their dad dressed them that day-long sleeve shirts with shorts-but I appreciate the help. Then Aunt Julie came to visit and she bought an outfit for her soon to be boy and Wyatt & Lancer tried it on to see if it would fit. My little hunters.

Crazy Pipeliners

Morgan took these pictures at work. I guess these guys were trying to pull a pipe out of the ground. It doesn't look too safe to me.

Ogden Job

Well the welding job in Ogden ended so we came back to Cortez and parked our home next to my parent's house for now. Here are some pictures from that job.


So I am finally posting some Halloween pictures. Wyatt and Lancer dressed up as horses. They looked so cute. We took them to the Trunk-R-Treat at the church and then the Pleasant View Carnival. I think they will enjoy it a lot more next year. Lancer has the black mane and Wyatt has the white mane.