Tuesday, December 14, 2010

3 Years Old Already!!!

Wyatt and Lancer turned 3 years old on November 23! I can't believe my little men are getting so big! We had Morgan's family over for dinner and cake for the boys and Morgan's birthday. It was a lot of fun.

Grandma Oliver made the boys this Lion Cake. Lancer is obsessed with Lions since he was a Lion for Halloween! Wyatt kept asking where his zebra cake was.

Opening Presents. Thanks for all the gifts everyone. These boys sure are spoiled!!

Lancer and Wyatt with their new coats. I actually let the boys wear them before their birthday because it snowed and then wrapped them up again. They were kinda confused when they opened them!

Morgan and I also got the boys these sleeping bags that stuff into a backpack and the boys love them. Lancer is going through a phase where he wants to sleep on the couch. I'll put him in his bed but before the night is through he will end up on the couch with his sleeping bag. We went over to my parents the next day and hung out with them but I forgot to bring my camera so no pics. The boys sure had fun and thanks for everything mom and dad.

For a young Woman Activity we went to the Mesa Verde Luminaries (I think that's how you spell it) on Dec 9. It was pretty cool. I've never been up there during the luminaries but it was super crowded since it's only a one day thing. I'm glad Michelle knew where she was going because I haven't been up there in years and plus it was dark. I would have definitely got lost. I tried to take some pic of the ruins but none of them turned out.

Here we are with the young women.

The Young women Presidency.Trena, Michelle, and Me. We are missing Amanda, she ended up getting lost. Like I said, glad I had Michelle, or I would have gotten lost and just given up and went home!

This picture is hilarious. We were trying to get a pic of all of us and this lady walked right in front of the camera! Isn't that hat awesome!!!!