Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Boys 4 Year Pics

I took the boys up above Mancos to take their 4 year pictures last weekend and they didn't turn out too bad. The boys actually kinda cooperated. Thanks for being such good sports Wyatt and Lancer! Morgan said that it looked weird having the boys hold hands and put their arms around each other but I think it's cute, at least when they are this age. I do think it would look weird with like 8 year olds holding hands and hugging! Haha

Lancer and Wyatt

I love this picture

Perfect picture to display how Wyatt really acts!


My favorite of Wyatt


My favorite of Lancer. He picked out the tree he wanted to take a picture by.

It was nice to take a drive up there and see all the trees changing colors and spend some time with the boys.