Monday, November 12, 2012

The Farming Life 2012

Here are some pictures of the fun we had this summer farming
The boys and I changing water in the rain
Here comes trouble!! Morgan taught the boys how to drive the 4-wheeler. Now if they were just big enough to change water!

Morgan plowing the field by our house

Cutting hay on Road EE

Morgan got the windrower stuck while he was cutting barley on the Yellow Jacket field. It was quite the day. Morgan called me and asked me to come help pull him out. So first we tried my pickup and we couldn't get that tractor to budge, plus we burried my truck. So then we go BIG RED (Morgan's Massey Tractor)  Okay so just so you know I haven't driven a tractor since before the boys were born, so needless to say I was a little rusty and if you know Morgan, he isn't the most patient person. To make a long story (and long night) short, after much yelling and cussing and slammed doors and arms thrown in the air (on both our parts) we finally got that tractor and windrower out!!!.....Until the next day when it got stuck again in a different field! But this time it was a lot easier and I can now say I am a pro. haha just kidding.
The boys killing time while we were stuck

Morgan cultivating beans in Cahone

This picture is kinda dark but Morgan is cultivating beans in Yellow Jacket and I think the sky looks cool in the background


Cutting Beans with the new One Step Bean Pickett in Yellow Jacket

Thrashing beans in Yellow Jacket


Cutting hay south of the house
I was proud of myself this year for actually remebering to take pictures-although next year I need to do even better.

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